Your Face Lab

Your Face Lab provides professional cosmetic services for the customers. We prioritize in hygiene, only utilizing the one-time use for any permanent make-up services. Also, we give our customers flexibilities by offering up to 50 variety of colors to satisfy them. In addition to permanent make-up, we also provide high quality lash services. For the quality purpose, we only utilize the Bella Mink Lash which also gives customers option to choose desired length, thickness, and styles. Finally, the facial service provided by Your Face Lab is also above the average. With the latest technology, we can provide a service that exceeds that of the regular facial services.

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Microshading - $299

Classic Eyelash Extensions - $99


Makeup Services

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

This procedure is a cosmetic tattoo. You can save countless hours and money as your makeup is already applied every day!

Permanent Makeup
Lash services


We offer two types of eyelash extensions. We do classic mink lashes and Russian volume lashes.

Lash Services
Facial service at Your Face Lab


A facial is the perfect way to relax and keep your skin healthy. This includes cleaning, exfoliating, and massaging the skin.

Facial Services